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I was refered to Clear Choice by a friend after telling her that my dryer was taking hours to dry my clothes and that my electric bill was very high every month.  I called Clear Choice Window Cleaning and Residential Services the next day and spoke to Cathy.  I explained to her what was going on with my dryer and that maybe I should just go ahead and spend the money on a new one.  Cathy asked me several questions including when was the last time I had my dryer vent cleaned.  I thought about that for a minute and told her never, that I had never thought about having it cleaned.  She explained that I more than likely have either a blockage of lent or an animals nest or possibly both in my dryer vent.  Cathy came over the very next day to clean my dryer vent.  I was amazed at that amount of lint that came out of my dryer vent.  Not only did she clean my dryer vent, she also cleaned the floor behind the dryer too!  My dryer now works as if it was brand new!  My electric bill is now less than half of what it was.  Cathy has saved us a lot of money.  Thank you Cathy for a job will done!

Donna E.
Loveland, OH                                                                                                                                



After opening Marco's Pizza in Loveland, I was approached by several window cleaning business' offering to clean my window's.  One of them was Clear Choice Window Cleaning and Residential Services represented by the owner, Cathy Switzer.  I asked why I should hire her to clean my windows?  She proceeded to tell me that she does a very professional job in a very professional manner. At this point she hasn't told me anything that sets her apart from the others.  She then said that if she were to encounter any of Marco's customers, she would treat them with the same level of professionalism, courtesy and respect that I expected from myself and my staff.  That last statement got Cathy the contract at Marco's.  She was the only one who thought about my customers.  Cathy does a great job and is dependable, professional and her great sense of humor puts a smile on all of our faces.  I highly recommend Clear Choice Window Cleaning and Residential Services.

Brian Drescher
Marco's Pizza





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